Diversify Your Portfolio with T.E. Wealth’s Strategic Multi-Manager Solution

The Prosperity Managed Investment Platform is a proprietary T.E. Wealth investment offering, managed by T.E. Investment Counsel, that combines all of the elements of sophisticated portfolio management into a solution designed to both protect and grow your capital over time.

Prosperity Pooled Funds give clients access to meticulously selected, top-tier institutional managers within four asset classes. Rigorous analysis ensures adequate diversification in order to navigate different market cycles while mitigating risk.

Prosperity Pooled Fund Unit NAV as of October 18, 2018
NameClass O
Prosperity Fixed Income Fund10.7521
Prosperity Canadian Equity Fund15.6643
Prosperity U.S. Equity Fund15.9744
Prosperity International Equity Fund15.3423

Prosperity Canadian Fixed Income Fund
The fund invests primarily in fixed income securities of the Canadian government and companies as well as units of Commercial Mortgages fund.

Prosperity Canadian Equity Fund
The fund investment primarily in equity securities of Canadian issuers.

Prosperity US Equity Fund
The fund invests primarily in equity securities of US companies.

Prosperity International Equity Fund
The fund invests in equity markets throughout the world outside of Canada and the US, including Europe, Asia and the Far East.