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Investment Advisory Services and
Financial Education

At T.E. Investment Counsel, we specialize in designing customized investment solutions and financial education programs for aboriginal communities. Our team of professionals work in partnership with you to help your community achieve its long-term goals and objectives

Investment Advisory Services
Since each community has differing needs, our investment management strategy begins with a full discussion of your unique circumstances and requirements. We then apply a disciplined investment process that is completely independent and objective in its approach and that is designed to provide the most cost-effective solution based on the needs of the community. We will provide you with:
*   Investment education
*   Governance training
*   Investment analysis and planning
*   Portfolio structure and design
*   Investment manager search and selection
*   Performance measurement, reporting and interpretation
*   Ongoing governance and monitoring

Financial Education Program
Our financial education program is designed for the needs of the aboriginal community, keeping its specific vision and values in mind. We employ a multi-disciplined approach to help individuals develop a personal financial roadmap, with the intent of creating long-term financial security. We focus on building knowledge, while taking into account the unique learning styles and cultural priorities of your community.

Contact Us
To learn more about T.E. Investment Counsel's Investment Advisory Services or our Aboriginal Services team, please contact:

Jack Jamieson,
Vice President, Aboriginal Services & Associate Investment Counsellor

Call toll free 1-866-430-0537

To learn more about T.E. Wealth's Financial Education Program, please contact:
Ismo Heikkila
National Director, Education and Corporate Services